Al-Jazeera hacker

Al-Jazeera hacker
: The guy who hacked the al-Jazeera web site has pleaded guilty.

  • Iranian

    It’s unfair, he must rewarded for that great job…

  • nom de plume

    Al-Jazeera hacker brought to justice
    Hmmm…pretty blatant who’s side THEY’RE on….
    Personally, I think it’s Al Jazeera who should see the inside of a court for all the false propaganda they put out. They were nothing but a mouthpiece for the Iraqi Information minister.
    This hacker is a hero.

  • nother nom de plume

    You know the same can very well be said about Fox and CNN, who are only mouthpieces for the Pentagon and White House. Hope some hero hacks them some day.