An American in Iran

An American in Iran
: Kaveh points us to a blog by two people: an Iranian returning to his country for the first time in 20 years (that’s “K”) with his American wife (that’s “TE”). There’s nothing better than a view from the ground.

Says TE:

To get to Arak from Tehran we pass through the buckle of the Koran belt: Qom. K told me that he went there to see Khomeini when he first arrived from exile.

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    Kaveh archive ref not pulling the entry. You should always list the date and time if you can.
    I want to call your attention to something important but subtle. When I was over there earlier this morning, I observed that he presented a salacious piece of gossip about a mullah. Hecktameyer (sp?) who is well-known. I believe that in doing this, he violated one of the ayatollahs’ new rules for internet usage. If the authorities notice, he could be placing himself at serious risk.
    I forwarded a censorship page some of them have already prepared to the Berkman Center. They are already pretty well prepared. This is my third time out– first was the Chinese, then Salam Pax, and now the Iranians. Just in case they have serious trouble, the Berkman Center has good connections.