Peace progresses

Peace progresses
: Mark Steyn on Iran today:

Looked at the other way round, peace is processing apace, and the chips are all falling George W Bush’s way. Whatever the defects of post-Taliban Afghanistan, it’s no longer the world’s biggest training camp for Saudi-funded terrorism. Whatever the defects of post-Saddam Iraq, it’s no longer a self-promotion exercise for the ne plus ultra of anti-American Arab strongmen. And, whatever the defects of post-ayatollah Iran, the fall of the prototype Islamic Republic will be a huge setback to the world’s jihadi.

It was Ayatollah Khomeini who successfully grafted a mid-20th century European-style fascist movement on to Islam and made the religion an explicitly political vehicle for anti-Westernism. It was the ayatollah who first bestowed on the U.S. the title of “Great Satan.” And it was the ayatollah who insisted this Islamic revolution had to be taken directly to the infidels

  • All well and good, but Steyn’s blithe dismissal of the lack of attention paid to postwar Afghanistan is troubling, even for someone on the same side of the political aisle like myself.
    It is both stupid and arrogant to assume that others will welcome American intervention if it means the locals being left alone to deal with the chaos after all the shooting’s over. Rather than turning Afghanistan into another “unisinkable aircraft carrier” like Japan, a beacon to neighbors of what an alternative reality might look like, Steyn seems to be content with being able to say “At least things are no worse than we found them”.
    This is, I think, a load of sh*t; who is to say that Afghanistan won’t return to the sort of infighting that made the Taliban look like such a good thing at one time?

  • BF

    “Steyn seems to be content with being able to say ‘At least things are no worse than we found them’. ”
    I agree with your concerns about Afghanistan and the insufficient Western commitment – but it would seem you are attributing to Steyn a sentiment he has not expressed. In fact, he acknowledged the “defects”. He is just saying that the overall picture across near and middle Asia is not as grim as that supposed by so many who are focused exclusively on the defects. You are creating a straw man focused on Afghanistan, attributing it to Steyn, and then attacking it as a load of sh*t. Unfair.