Iran on the line

Iran on the line

: Pedram has lots of news today on Iran.

: Hoder says: “Whatever 9/11 was to weblogs in U.S, student protests are to Persian weblogs, or even more; because free press is only a dream in Iran right now.”

: Add Nima to my list of Iranian webloggers. Add Where’s My Elephant, from a student in Canada. Add Zanierani. Add Kalantar.

: Add Shervin [via Silent Running], who reports of problems with Internet access in Iran and says: “Now….the rage is coming up. Struggles for change and reform in the state is begun. There’s something that’s frightening me about the protests….

And one more thing, the Bush toy – Radio Farda – is covering the rush very well. Bad news of damages and arrests sandwiched by music stuff, from Iranian pop singers in exile to Radiohead and Boom Funk. Yeah I like the music, and the news is tolerable and informative (and well targeted), but I hate the political approach where they are analyzing things. They suppose we are a bunch of animals here, huh? After all, You are not welcome here Mr.Bush, we don’t want you here. Surely we want freedom. Surely we want real real human rights. Surely we don’t want Nukes. But we really don’t want your hopes and fears….”

: And read this beautiful post from Blue Bird Escape, the diary of a teen girl who just returned to her homeland, Iran:

Today I went to the park that I used to go with my brother when I was little. We sat on a bench and ate ice-cream. I watched the kids play in the play ground. Some were on the swings and some were on the slide. I looked at their small faces and noticed that they were happy. Even though there wasn