Feeb Beeb dweebs

Feeb Beeb dweebs
: Let’s exhume this horse so we can beat it up again: The BBC is anti-American in all sense of the word, not only because it is hostile to us but also because it is anti-matter to our matter; it is the great snot factory.

This morning, listening to the obnoxiously accented Judy Swallow (sounds like a name for a porn star to me) on BBC Newshour, she repeated again and again that Paul Bremer had outlawed free speech and free assembly in Iraq and that people could not protest against the American occupation. She then interviewed a New York Times reporter who said that was quite overstated, that there have been protests and that Bremer outlawed only inciting attacks on U.S. forces. She didn’t apologize. She didn’t backtrack.

A few days ago, I pointed to this BBC show, What the World Thinks of America, and said I dreaded to hear what it would say about it. Well, yesterday, FoxNews finally picked up on this and had a field day repeating the anti-Americanisms of this special (with only a Tokyo Rose American BBC employee to defend them).

The BBC took a poll and among the loaded questions was this: They asked the audience to guess whether the world thought we were “humble” or “arrogant.” You get one guess. But look at the actual poll and you’ll see that neither word came out first in the results. Most of the world first calls us…. drumroll, please…. FREE.

: And in related news… The British independent television commission threw out complaints that FoxNews’ coverage of the war was biased. [via IWantMedia]