Hillary: The missing page

Hillary: The missing page
: A guy claiming to have been a copy editor at Simon & Schuster called Howard Stern this morning saying he had pieces of Hillary Clinton’s book that didn’t end up in print. He read one.

In it, Hillary says that the night after Bill revealed his indiscretion, she did some soul-searching. She wondered whether her coldness drove him to find sex elsewhere. She wonders whether her life in politics made her less approachable.

While her husband was in the study reading, she says here, she got another of Monica’s dresses that Clinton had and a black wig that Chelsea had for a costume party and when Bill came into their bedroom she said, “I’m your new intern.” And they had great sex.

Howard never managed to break the guy into admitting that it was a goof. The guy says he will call in again Monday with more excerpts and will fax the galley and his S&S paycheck to prove he’s legit.

Howard doesn’t buy it. But he wants to.