Peel-and-stick labels

Peel-and-stick labels
: Roger L. Simon (second plug today; he has hit his limit) writes a hopeful obit for the labels liberal and conservative.

He has a better-educated, historical perspective.

Mine’s quite local to now. I take deserved crap for dropping my liberal label frequently but I do so because people keep assuming I’m not just conservative but right-wing because I supported the war. Americans assume it. Hell, Iranians assume it. They’re wrong. It’s meaningless.

So then we start arguing over what liberal and conservative mean, which is just as much fun as arguing about what weblog means.

But Simon says it more eloquently and truthfully than all that when he urges us to throw away the labels and then reassures us:

I know just where you can find the words liberal and conservative should you need them again. They are lying at the bottom of the rubble under the World Trade Center.