Now I resent that

Now I resent that
: Young whippersnappers at the blog conference.

Martin Roell: “American Bloggers are old. European Bloggers are young.”

Rick Bruner: “Lots of grey hair and pot bellies in this room. I’d say half of the attendees are over 40. Here we are, all agreeing that blogs are the most exciting thing to hit the Web since Napster, yet it’s largely a bunch of old farts evangalizing and driving this new new medium forward.”

Hey, the hair’s prematurely gray, damnit.

: And then there’s the conference organizer, pitifully defending being an old fart.

Be old and be proud, my man.

: Speaking of young (OK, you’re not supposed to need bad transitions on a blog but I am too lazy to create a new entry so I’m shoehorning this in here just like a real journalist would), soft-spoken snark queen Elizabeth Spiers says of the blog conference:

I sat on a media panel at a blogging conference where I think I was expected to say that blogs would kill the New York Times and that Big Media