Fly naked

ynakedair-010.jpgFly naked
: Back on Dec. 22, 2001, after a homicidal lunatic tried to blow up a plane with his shoe — causing millions of Americans to have to stink up airports with foot odor while their shoes are made radioactive — I said the only surely safe way to handle air travel in the future was to fly naked.

Well, it has happened and here is the proof: Naked Air, the no-frills airline.

The idea sounds better than it looks.

  • Now if we could only get Jerry Jones to begin using such airline to fly the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to games, I might be inclined to purchase my own ticket.

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  • amercianstreet

    But is she wearing shoes thus making irrelevant the entire enterprise to begin with…? (I can’t quite make them out, but possibly some sort of black heel numbers…)

  • I hope they have disposable seat covers.

  • Uh, I see from the “Naked Air” FAQ that the idea is that you disrobe after boarding, so that wouldn’t actually solve the security problem. (They give out towels to sit on, so no worries there.)
    Personally, I was wondering where you would be expected to put your ID and boarding pass otherwise…

  • It would certainly cut down on the in-flight snacking…

  • Ed

    Just remember, the flight attendants are primarily there for our safety.

  • Shalegrey

    My eyes!!! THEY BURN!!!!!

  • What happens if there’s the need for an emergency evacuation of the airplane? Do we really want a hundred or so naked people sliding down the inflatable escapes and running amok on the runways?

  • Not those naked people. (Full disclosure for fairness purposes: you wouldn’t want to see me naked either.)