And the revolution begins

And the revolution begins
: Salam Pax finds free Internet access in Baghdad:

Ya Allah have mercy on our souls. The old state owned Internet center in Adil district has been taken over by anarchists and they are offering internet access for FREE….

The people who used to work there opened the center 4 days ago; you can have an hour of internet for as little as 2000dinars. Take that you greedy sharks. The center is very well equipped, they put together 30 of their best computers and have a very good connection (ok so 30 computers in a city of 5 million is nothing, but it is a start). They even got military protection. The people who work their got a couple of soldiers from the nearest army checkpoint to take a look, the officer asked if it was OK for his men to check on their emails and stuff. The reaction the first couple of guys who came in was a very amazed

  • Thanks for your message, here is my new address of Hossein Derakhshan:

  • John

    Miscosoft and Dell need to get on this and start donating some free computers.

  • The father of persian weblogging. A well-deserved title.
    But Hoder had a peice of software that allowed iranians to use blogspot to blog in persian. As far as I know, there is no widely-disseminated free software that allows a person to blog in Arabic using blogger/blogsapot, radiouseralnd, or the other free services.
    Without free arabic blog software and free arabic blog hosting, the movement will be slow to get off the ground. More than Salam, arabic language blogging needs a programmer/populizer.

  • Ikram: I’m ignorant about these things but… Doesn’t Unicode — which makes Persian weblogging possible — also work for Arabic? The site lists Arabic as one of its languages. Please take a look and let me know.

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    Here are the literacy statistics for Iraq for age 15 and over with reading and writing from 1995:
    Male: 70%
    Female: 45%
    M and F together average: 58%.
    These are old figures and may not be very accurate today.
    Ikram, it’s no use to just sit and wonder; you would have to reach out and inquire. In order to succeed at the quest, you would need a high degree of motivation to persevere. I’ll give you a suggestion:
    Try contacting Dr. Simon Moores. His e-mail should be on his weblog. He is the Crown’s special tech rep to the Arab Middle East. And he seems like a pretty nice guy. I’ll get his URL from my bookmarks now.
    Try asking him. Or ask him who he would suggest you ask. Maybe he might know someone who knows a lot about this. Like six degrees.

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    Another thought: try to Google “Tech Sheikh” or Gulf Tech Sheik. (or was it “Geek Sheikh?”)
    I just remembered that I blogged an item about a sheikh in the Gulf with that kind of nickname. He has his own fancy website with one version in the English language. The rest of the info about him is a bit sketchy in my memory.
    Hope this helps. There is only a limited amount I can do to help with this project for several reasons.