Pincer movement on Iran

Pincer movement on Iran
: Not only is the right — that is, the White House — putting pressure on Iran, but so is the left.

Here’s a Manifesto for Iran signed by Noam Chomsky, Costa Gravas, Edward Said, Harold Pinter, and other leftie lights for the International Committee for Transition to Democracy in Iran:

…we hold that the peaceful transition of Iran to a democratic republic, free of all interference by religious authorities in the affairs of the state, would enable the decisive forces of the society

  • Mike G

    Gee, to find and Iranian to sign the thing, they’d actually have to meet and talk to an actual Iranian, wouldn’t they?
    And if they’d done that in regards to a war to get rid of Saddam Hussein, and talked to actual Iraqis, it might have challenged their preconceptions about why that war was racist and unjust…

  • Lola Lee

    It’s not that difficult to findf an Iranian – there’s a large Iranian community here in the DC metro area; one need only go down several blocks from my office to visit the Iranian bookstore. They could have done a little bit more homework before signing off on the manifesto.

  • Jeremy

    Most of the Iranians in the US are here because they supported the Shah, or were too western, and had to flee during the revolution. I can’t imagine someone like Chomsky talking to any of those…

  • T. Hartin

    Since when are “youth,” and university students and professors a decisive force in society? I think these academics need to get out more.
    I love the condescending inclusion of wage-earners. Apparently those who invest in productive enterprises don’t count for squat to Said, Chomsky, et al., or at least not as much as kids and professors.