Put down that pen, Penn

Put down that pen, Penn
: All I have to say is, this guy needs an editor!

I kept trying to read Sean Penn’s full-page, type-crammed ad in yesterday’s New York Times but it was so badly written, such a drone, and so full of Penn that I gave up.

See whether you have more stamina than I do.

Here’s a PDF of the complete Penn screed.

  • button

    FYI: I hate PDF. Am I the only one? I don’t know. Have they taken a survey on this lately?

  • Mitch H.

    Ugh. It looks like a broadsheet printed by lunatics. Does he usually write in all-caps? My eyes hurt.
    Hey, don’t knock pdf. It’s a solid format.

  • lindenen

    Penn’s a violent, alcoholic nutcase who happens to be a brilliant actor, excepting I Am Sam. I hear him speak and my brain shuts off.

  • cardeblu

    No, button, you are not the only one who hates PDF. I’ve been told by others that it’s great and there would hardly be an internet without it, but I say it still sucks.

  • kkl

    Sean who?

  • Sam

    PDF ain’t so bad when you know it’s PDF and can “Save Target As” and open the file separately in Acrobat Reader after downloading. It’s when webmasters post PDFs as links, but don’t identify them as PDFs (so you left-click expecting a new browser window and instead crash your machine because the “Acrobat External Event Handler could not be found” or some crap) that PDF sucks.
    And yeah, Penn should stick to acting retarded. Wait, maybe he’s not acting…..

  • Balbulican

    YOU try marrying Madonna and then writing a politically coherent statement.

  • Ugh! I tried. I really did try but after only a few paragraphs, I could no longer stomach this. You are so right when you say it was very poorly written.

  • lindenen

    There’s a rumor that Madonna left him because he tied her up and beat her up one too many times…

  • Just read it out loud doing your best Spicoli impression, and the entertainment value increases. Marginally.