He’s not anti-American; he just prefers flame-broiling

He’s not anti-American; he just prefers flame-broiling
: I just came across a page from the European TV show Arte with a quiz: “Are you anti-American?” (in German or French). The first questions: “Do you sometimes go to McDonald’s?”

  • lindenen

    Poor McDonalds …. what’s a company with a Scottish name that sells Belgian and German food to do?

  • I participated in the quiz (intended for the europeans.. not me..) & guess what… the result of my test is….
    ” You are strongly befriended with the Americans. If not willingly ..but strong. You had no problem hanging an american flag on your window to show your solidarity to the war on Iraq.”
    Well I am wondering .. whats on european’s minds… well they must be blaming themselves for tossing the wrong side of coin.. or whatever…Let them do whatever they like..

  • It seems to me that McDonald’s food mostly kills Americans, so keeping them afloat might help establish your anti-American cred.

  • puce

    Need eat sheep brain breakfast.