: Baghdad’s first postwar Internet cafe opens, offering access for only $1/hour.

  • Good. Maybe we can get a few new blog voices coming from Iraq. I’d like to compare them with the only one we’ve heard so far.

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    YEAH !!!
    I just tried to e-mail that article to jason shellen (from blogger), but an internal server error came up twice. Drats!
    Maybe jason should get someone to go over there and host a little reception or party and explain some basic stuff to them to encourage them.
    Maybe I’ll e-mail him the idea later.

  • $1 is “only” in the West, not for the locals in Baghdad :(

  • Miranda:
    Salam Pax reported that the rate until now was, I believe, $6.

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    I e-mailed the info and suggestion to jason late last night.

  • Interesting; the same mid-level people as were an integral part of the Ministry under Saddam are the ones running it. On the one hand, they claim to be opening things up for Iraqis, complaining loudly about the senior levels still being in charge at the same time they, themselves, have kept, on purpose, some of the access blocking that was put in by Saddam’s regime.
    Is that really all that much of an improvement?!?!