I’m suffering from blog elbow

I’m suffering from blog elbow
elbow.jpg: Just got back from the doctor; annual physical-humiliation day. One of my complaints is a sore spot in my right arm; it limits my movement; it can be very painful. (And, yes, I’m a hypochondriac and a complainer.) Doc said it’s tendonitis.

I couldn’t think of what caused it until I returned to the office and talked to my real doctor, Coach Hauck, who explained that tendonitis comes from repetitive activity. So here’s what came out:

(1) I’ve been blogging a lot more during the war. (So you could call it my war injury.)

(2) I’ve been blogging from the couch, now that I have wi-fi. (So you could call it wi-fi elbow.)

But you put the two together and it starts to make sense: I’m holding my right arm in a certain angle because the laptop is on the lap and my lap is on the couch and I’m holding it in that position more than I would if I were merely typing because I’m doing a lot of trackpad mouse-moving and a lot of clicking: I’m blogging.

Thus, I suffer from blog elbow.

I’m calling the New England Journal of Medicine.

: Update: Glenn Reynolds is in worse shape than I am.

We’re going to found the Home for Old Bloggers.