Salam updates

Salam updates
: Note that Salam is back today with a new post and, boy, is he pissed.

He’d better get used to controversy — especially now that he’s writing for the Guardian.

: Nick Denton is offering to help Salam get a book published. I emailed him sometime ago also offering help. I suspect he doesn’t need it. He’s media-savvy and he got himself a Guardian gig. I’ll just bet the movie negotiations are going on right now.

: Says Ken Layne:

There’s no doubt Salam is a guy who lived pretty well in part because his family wasn’t a vocal enemy of the regime. But dead guys post no blogs.

  • mog

    And deservedly so. If he read the many hundreds of comments dissecting him in the blogs plus the articles in the press, how could he not be? I wish him well with his endeavors. Hopefully the controversy will settle down and we can get back to enjoying his writing.