: Netzeitung, the German online newspaper, interviews Thomas Burg, the organizer of the BlogTalk conference in Vienna, and we see this wonderful exchange (don’t worry: you don’t have to speak German to enjoy the joke):

Netzeitung: Werden Weblogs zu sehr gehypt?

Burg: Nein, ich denke zu wenig.


Netzeitung: Are weblogs over-hyped?

Burg: No, too little, I think.

Don’t you love it: Gehypt. What a great verb for our age. It’s the Gawker of verbs. I was with a bunch of people last night and told them about it and they all started using it, as in: Madonna’s too gehypt.

  • Only problem is ‘Madonna bliebt uber gehypt’ :)
    Not uncommon though the past tense of fuck in German is geficked, but still good to see.

  • you both must have never heard of projects being superdeadlinemaessig gerolloutet ;)

  • what does that mean?