Cheeselovers unite!

Cheeselovers unite!
: The Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung reports that the Germans now trust France more — far more — than America:

A new public opinion survey shows that Germans now overwhelmingly see France as their country’s most important and reliable ally, with the United States having declined significantly in importance.

The survey, prepared by the Allensbach Institute of Public Opinion Research for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, found that 49 percent of Germans said France was their country’s most important partner, compared to 17 percent for the United States.

…only 38 percent of the respondents said their country could

  • Fredrik

    Within a timeframe of perhaps 10-15 years, the European Union will most likely have its own common military forces or have collapsed into oblivion. That is, of course, unless US intelligence begin reporting news of WMD in Europe. If so, the oblivion might have other reasons…

  • Germany can rely on France not to make too much of a fuss when it doesn’t get a reacharound.

  • Balbulican

    I wonder when the New Xenophobia will begin to subside. “Freedom Fries” and so forth were a bit of lark, and an understandable fit of pique. But the world really is a more secure place with Europe and America making nice. Isn’t it about time to leave the playground and get back to some serious fence mending, for everyone’s sake?

  • Ripper

    Consider the evil ones educated at French Universities in the 20th century.
    Ho, Pot, Khomeni…
    Our ultimatum to France should demand they close down these festering wounds, otherwise we’ll have to fence off the civilized world and trap these cheese-eating barbarians behind a new iron curtain.

  • klaus

    Sure, Schroeder hurt Germany’s long term interests when he sided with France. And sure, there a quite a few Germans who are anti-american, like the old right and the new left. However, part of the blame for the wide-spread ignorance among Germans regarding all things US lies with the US government. They closed almost all of the US cultural institutions in Germany in the last couple of years (Amerika-H


    You said……
    “However, part of the blame for the wide-spread ignorance among Germans regarding all things US lies with the US government. ”
    And then this…..
    “The average German doesn’t have a clue about life in the US. He’s fed ideological trash from the left-wing German media, and he believes it…”
    So the German media is feeding bullshit to German society, and its somehow the US’s fault?
    No, I think Europe has a huge problem, and it has NOTHING to do with the US. Someone once said that the black cloud of totalitarianism aimed at America always falls on Europe (or something like that).