Liberal talk radio: I’m ready

Liberal talk radio: I’m ready
: Thom Hartman reports at Alternet that liberal talk radio is coming from… drum roll, please… Clear Channel. Of course, Alternet smells a conspiracy here: Radio loosens up for the left only after media consolidation (read: deregulation) goes forward on June 2.

Nevermind that: If Clear Channel is looking for new voices (not old saps and sods like Phil Donahue), I’ll bet they could find fresh talent right here among blogs.

And I’ll stand in front of the line: A sensible liberal, not afraid to talk tough, not afraid to offend those who deserve offense, not afraid to support a war, even.

And I talk fast.

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    Good luck on this, Jeff! If that’s what you’d like to try, go for it! I don’t listen to talk radio much anymore. For me, the internet has taken the place of all that, but it has a big disadvantage– I used to be able to get a lot more done while listening to the radio. I feel like I lost something important with that. On the other hand, I got a little op-ed spot in cyberspace which I wouldn’t have had with only the radio.

  • another joe

    Good luck with it Jeff! If it turns out to be as boring as this blog has gotten then you’ll do us on the right a true service.

  • Boring? If nothing else, the Iranian blogger story has been at least as important as whatever salam pax is doing these days, and I give Jeff credit for bringing it to the foreground and keeping it there.
    As someone else on the “right” (if that still means anything) I would listen if Jeff hit the airwaves. Talk radio is a poisonous cloud of name-calling and extremeisim (on both sides) and I think it needs a fresh shot of thoughtful hosts, regardless of political alignment.

  • Count me as a libertarianconservativewhatever who would listen to your show. Hell, if you really want to make a case for yourself, set up an informal poll with some demographic information–I bet you’d have better radio numbers than Donahue had for TV!

  • Jeremy

    Heck, forget radio, Fox News should hire you can pair you up with one of their conservative anchors, like they did with Hannity and Colmes.