Buddy buddy

Buddy buddy
: I went to a dinner/talk/network thing last night that was off-the-record, which is a good thing, because I think I called Jayson Blair “a stinking pile of lying shit,” or something equally eloquent (and it had more impact after an allergic reaction to the strawberry tart occluded my throat and gave my voice the timbre of a really pissed of Harvey Fierstein).

Anyway, Eric Alterman was on the bill and I just want it on the record that we made up for our last awkward meeting and he was a gracious good guy. For the record.

: And, by the way, Jayson Blair is just a stinking pile of lying shit. For the record.

His interview in the Observer clinches it. He saw lying as some sport or as a waystation in his psychotherapy or, worst of all, as humor. Even in shame, he is arrogant. I look at him the way a soldier looks at a traitor, a cop looks at a crooked cop, an accountant looks at Arthur Anderson. Slime.

  • Roger Smalley

    I think that states it rather well.
    I’m sick of him-and any of his defenders/explainers.
    Thank you,,,,,,,,,,Roger

  • Kevin L. Connors

    If Blair is “a stinking pile of lying shit,” what does that make Paul Krugman?