War on terror and information as a weapon

War on terror and information as a weapon
: Iranian weblogger Khash Sajadi says

I don’t see the Riyadh or Casablanca attacks as a sign of failure of war on terrorism or as prove of the theory suggesting war in Iraq will escalate suicide bombers. There has been many attacks on Western interests before the war in Iraq and will be for a long time. This is in the nature of Islamic fundamentalism to blame everyone else (western countries in the first place, if there isn’t one, the “puppet” leaders of their own) for their own failures. Although I’m totally against Israel’s policies in the West bank and towards Palestinians in general, but I can not deny the fact that number of Palestinians killed by Arab rulers in the past 50 years are still higher than ones killed by Israel. In my point of view, as long as the flow of information is limited by Islamic governments, it is easy to convince people the only way to get rid of the evil is to blow yourself up in a cafe. And again I doubt if America is genuinely keen to be peoples friend rather than rulers friend which means we have to get used to terrorism and be scared of everyone in a beach resort or restaurant.

Strikes me as reason to bring more news to Iraq and its neighbors in newspapers, on TV .. and on weblogs.

  • Okay, I just have to say this:
    Dear Mr. or Miss (sorry I am not familiar with Iranian nomenklature to tell your gender) Sajadi:
    We don’t want to rule you or anyone. Good god, we don’t want this headache of running the whole damn world. What we want is for people in other countries to quit blowing everything up, most especially our own people and interests of course, but it is easy enough for us to figure that it is within our interests to have the rest of the world not embroiled in terrorism, strife, poverty, and the rest of the stuff. But it seems as if we are the only country willing to actually fix things by going and doing it — inept as though we may be at times, because we are humans, not gods — instead of having meetings and summits and other things that are nothing more than sitting around talking about how nice it would be if we all got along and oh! let’s sign a treaty! Official paper is like magic, it solves everything.
    [/Rant out]