Attention Howard Stern fans

Attention Howard Stern fans
: Did you listen today? Did you hear him talk about blogs and specifically Gawker? I can’t listen when I do the bridge-and-tunnel thing into the city; Nick Denton just heard word of this. If you heard the segment, please tell all in my comments…..

: UPDATE: Anil emails to report:

A friend (Andre Torrez, tells me that Howard Stern just explained blogging to a caller on his show. That’s got to be some sort of

milestone, right?


Blogs are perfect for the Stern audience: The voice of the people.

: Anil adds in the comments:

A friend who heard it says his explanation was “Basically people writing about themselves because nobody paid them any attention in life”. As opposed to people talking about themselves on the radio because nobody paid them any attention in life.

: UPDATE: Mark’s Friggin is a site that summarizes Howard every day; it was down earlier when I tried to check it on the blog reference; now it’s up and Marc Weisblott reports that Mark’s reports:

Howard took a phone call from a guy who wondered what the word ”Blogging” (Web Loging) meant. Howard explained that it’s when someone writes about their own life and puts it on the web. He said he’s checked out some of that stuff but most of the stuff is boring. He mentioned a couple of the sites he’s been on and how bad they are.

Admit it: Every one of you is now thinking, “Well, he didn’t read mine.:

: Further UPDATE: My colleague in work and blogging, Joe Territo, heard the Stern blogging comments and he did mention Gawker. According to Joe, when a caller asked what blogging was, Howard explained that it’s a web page where people tell you what happens in their lives and he complained that the writing on most of them is not good because it’s not professional. He then said that he goes to Gawker every day. Joe said the connection was unfortunate, for it sounded as if he were lumping Gawker in with the clot of weblogs, though he’s not sure that was intentional, because he did say that he does go to Gawker daily. (Yes, Elizabeth, I know you want to hear that Jonathan Franzen or Kurt Andersen or Tina Brown read you every day. But personally, I could not imagine a better audience than Howard!)

Joe and I agree, by the way, that a Howard Stern weblog would be a great weblog.