Road rage

Road rage
: I hate a fit of road rage this afternoon — not at any other driver but at the radio, when Benjamin Barber, professor of somethingorother, read his commentary on the rebuilding of Iraq. Says the Marketplace summary:

Barber says that because the U.S. wants to remake Iraq in its image, the decision about whether it should have public or private media, a state run oil industry or one farmed out to foreign energy corporations, should be theirs — not ours.

  • N

    The so-called democracy we’re establishing over there is privatization in disguise. Rumsfeld et al. have already made clear that they can get democracy as long as they don’t, for instance, the Shiite’s don’t lean too closely to their Iranian brethren.
    Can the “rescuing them from tyranny” line. We did that, but we killed hundreds of thousands of innocent children over the 12 years that the sanctions were in place. Don’t say it was Saddam’s fault. He distributed the food from the oil4food program. It was the water treatment facilities that we destroyed (described here) that did it.
    Thanks for the Salam Pax interview.

  • Jack Tanner

    ‘We did that, but we killed hundreds of thousands of innocent children over the 12 years ‘
    We didn’t kill one child with the sanctions you fucking moron. Saddam did. Where do you think those billions of dollars from the oil for food program went.

  • joy

    More Benjamin Barber info can be found here. One little anectdote about the guy, he was a prof at Rutgers when I was there. I never had him, but we can just safely say that his reputation preceded him at that time too.

  • Ersatz

    Because the weapons of mass destruction are still missing means they are “delusional and fraudulent”? Does that mean the UN was “delusional and fraudulent” when it passed all those resolutions requiring their destruction? Does believing in the continued and past existence of Sadaam despite his absence make one “delusional and fraudulent”?