Can’t beat Western modernism

Can’t beat Western modernism
: Bet they don’t have this in Baghdad or Tehran:

So this weekend I drive up to the drive-through window at Burger King to pick up my kid’s nutritious lunch, dreading that moment of miscommunication:

“Schwelcome schto Schburschger Schking. Schmay scheye schtake schyour schorder?”

Chicken tenders meal, large with fries and orange soda; cheeseburger [for Dad], large Coke…

You know what happens next; I could carry this shaggy-dog story for for a page of pixels: They repeat the order; I can’t understand what the hell they’re saying; I make them repeat the reptition; they get it wrong; I shout at the stupid box; they get pissy back, which only distorts the sound more; we repeat this routine four times; I drive up to the window looking angry and fearing that the bozo with the microphone just spit in my food.

But now my local Burger King has a new innovation: Right there under the schquack schbox is a monitor screen. “Confirm your order,” it says as it prints out what the bozo with the microphone just entered.

“Right,” I say. I’m happy. The kid is fed. No spit.

American technology.

American commerce.


Can’t beat it.

  • If you’d upgrade your kid’s lunch quality, you’d know that Wendy’s has been using those order readout screens for years.

  • As someone who spent his younger years working for Ronald, I want to point out that customers don’t speak any more clearly than the employees, they are usually about six feet from the microphone instead of two inches like the person wearing a headset, and the employees aren’t revving an internal combustion engine on THEIR end.
    That being said, years of aincent speakers, cheap microphones, and crappy walkie-talkie technology has done little to improve the customer vs. flunky relationship. This should save everyone a lot of aggrivation.