Flash as a nonlethal weapon

Flash as a nonlethal weapon
: The Austrian Red Cross puts up a twinkie Flash schtick trying to teach children and idiots why war is bad and the Red Cross is good. Ug & Iggi are two cavemen who fight over a chicken until their warfare escalates to the point of chemical weapons and landmines. Go here and click on “English” and as you see the condescending cartoon images, click on the red type to read sermons such as this:

Rude aggression tends to be a male activity. There is always a lot of shouting and rude gesturing. Posturing with weapons is an important and recurrent part of the behaviour of any group that takes up weapons. This is an especially important part of military strategy. It is often ritualised. Frequently, there is no actual fighting. Even in primitive warfare, when there is fighting, the use of weapons is restrained in some way. Why do you think males fight more than females?

And what, exactly, is the point of this sexist tripe, you Austrian warmongers?

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    It’s not loading right now– maybe you caused a rush on it. I’ll try later if I have a moment.

  • sexist? jeff, what the hell did you look at?

  • For a guy who claims to not be P.C., you sure do object to the unvarnished truth a lot. Are you saying that guys *don’t* fight (physically fight) more than women?

  • lindenen

    Women fight in more passive aggressive ways. Taunting, talking behinds backs, general cattiness. Of course, when I think back to high school, girls fought each other more than boys.

  • Anil: It was the pointless out-of-context lengths they went to to blame the ills of the world on men. The whole schtick is ridiculous; this was just the most laughable slide of all.

  • Jeff, now you’ve got me worried with that “Flash as Non-Lethal Weapon” title… you don’t think it would get restricted like pepper spray, do you…? ;-)

  • Poot Rootbeer

    I didn’t bother checking out the link. Dr. Seuss already produced the definitive document on conflict escalation 20 years ago with “The Butter Battle Book”.
    And if classifying Flash as a weapon means less idiotic “music videos” of floating Colin Mochrie heads singing along to Japanese pop music, I’m all for it.