Blogging from Baghdad

Blogging from Baghdad
: Salam Pax has new posts up today.

: I am dying to see more bloggers from Baghdad with more reports, more points of view, more opinions, the more the merrier. I’m not going to give up on this idea of bringing weblogs to Iraq. If Pax can do it, so can others.

Any suggestions where I should take this crusade in our government?

: Someone should donate bandwidth to him for his pictures. He found it was too expensive merely to upload the photos to his first service agency; another place agreed to take the photos; I’m sure they had no idea what kind of bandwidth this would run up; they’re all down now. I’d like to see the photos. Any volunteers?

: Salam Pax concludes this after touring the country for a few days:

I came back from the trip seriously worrying that we might become an Iran-clone. If anyone went to the streets now and decided to hold elections we will end up with something that is scarier than Khomeini

  • “Any suggestions where I should take this crusade in our government?”
    Please do not bring government or any giant media/Internet companies into this. The authenticity of Salam Pax’s work is partly due to the fact that he is doing it all by himself and the help of a couple of close friends. As soon as government or AOL or a sattelite company or any entity like that (you name it) put their nose into this issue (even if it looks like they are trying to help) I won’t enjoy reading Salam Pax anymore. I guess there are many others who feel the same.
    I salute him for what he is doing the way he is doing it.

  • Jafar:
    Help is needed to get access and computers. The people would take it over from there. We don’t have government-controlled media here; I would not support it there. But government can help get Internet access working and without that, there is nothing online.

  • button

    I understand that a Greek company called INTRACOM supposedly has a contract to install an interim internet system in Baghdad. You might want to contact the president of that company. They have a website on the net.

  • Melissa
  • Jeff,
    “We don’t have government-controlled media here”
    Thanks for reminding me. The way some of these embeded reporters performed during the war, made me think they might get compensated by the Pentagon.
    Seriously, if by help you mean providing Internet access for Iraqi people in general I have no objection. Even though, in the absence of bans, Internet will grow naturally in Iraq and many many Iraqi bloggers will apear naturally. But if you mean some American organization should go give Salam Pax special facilities and previledges so that he can easily blog, I am completely against that.