When your boss blogs…

When your boss blogs…
: …you’re safe to blog.

My colleague Joe Territo has started a new weblog syndicated on all the local sites where I work. Joe’s going to cover the presidential race and other matters of national interest.

Keep an eye on Joe and his blog. He has some good ideas up his sleeve.

It was Joe, by the way, who set up the structure that allowed me to syndicate the war weblog I did during the liberation of Iraq and he set up the structure that let blogs bloom all over our company.

Now you might ask why it took me a few days to link to my own good friend and colleague on his blog.

Well, of course, that’s because he didn’t link to me until today. That’s the way the world works: Forget about brown-nosing your boss for a raise. It’s bloggers you want to brown-nose for links.

: And that’s just what’s happening over at Paradox1x, where Karl Martino links to his boss’ blog.

OK, everybody, let’s make Karl look really, really important in the world of blogs. Everybody: Click on his boss’ blog now. Give his boss’ blog lots of traffic. Make his boss indebted to Karl. Maybe that’s a new way to get a raise.