None of your business

None of your business
: I find it chilling that the U.S. Attorney’s office is apparently getting involved in the case of the lying scribe, Jayson Blair, at the New York Times.

This is not a matter for government involvement.

And all you liberatarians and conservatives out there — no matter how much you love to hate the Times — should agree that this would be an abuse and over-extension of government authority and a violation of the First Amendment.

For if the government sticks its nose into even this clear case of lying, it sets a precedent that allows it to enter other, less clear cases. What’s to stop a President or any government official — down to my little town — from siccing cops and prosecutors on a columnist or reporter or editor or producer for saying something they don’t like and calling it a lie?

See: Richard Nixon enemies list. See: J. Edgar Hoover surveillance files.