Now let’s dance: Left, left left… left, left, left…

Now let’s dance: Left, left left… left, left, left…
: Harry Hatchet fisks an event, a political/cultural event called “Left Field.”

A separate tent will house a bar serving fairly-traded beer from the Workers Beer Company (happy hour is 6pm-8pm), but if you fancy something rather more exotic, there are radical cocktails available with names like Che Guevara and Lefthook.

Sorry, what decade are we living in? Che Guevara cocktails? I’m sure there will be one with strawberry and vodka called ‘Red Revolution’, and can you guess what ingredients you need to make a ‘Gorgeous George’? And what is fairly-traded beer? Its one pound and forty pence a pint at my working mens club which I find very fair – I bet they can’t beat that at Glastonbury and I doubt they will have pork scratchings either.

: Harry also welcomes a new blogmate, Marcus, who defines his liberalism. I’m still looking for a label for this post-9.11, pro-war, unPC, rhetoricless liberalism to which I adhere.

Like Harry my political roots are in the left though this does not stop me from despairing at the recent sheep-like state of thinking on the left which I intend to challenge on this site where neccessary…. At the risk of stating the obvious I consider the two most important events in recent political history are the collapse of the socialist regimes in Europe and the 9/11 attacks on the US.

Where the fall-out from these two events will lead us is still not clear. When asked, in the 1950’s about the political consequences of the French Revolution, Zhou en Lai the Chinese Prime Minister said “It’s too early to tell”. I have some sympathy for his position but don’t believe we have the luxury of such a delayed response. What I do know is that sizable sections of the British Left are acting as if neither event happened. This has to change or the Left will go the way of the great auk.

Barkeep: Buy that man a Workers Beer. Put it on my capitalist tab.