Patriot Act

Patriot Act
: The Christian Science Monitor blog asks whether the Patriot Act is in the citizen’s crosshairs with many links to much protest.

But note the polls two posts down: It’s Democrats who oppose this more than Republicans. That won’t concern Ashcroft much.

Also note in light of those poll results Democratic presidential candidate Bob Graham‘s view of civil liberties in the war on terrorism — “it’s impossible to secure our homeland without doing away with our liberties.” Tough play in the party.

  • Catherine

    Where is the outcry? Instead of Lacy Peterson, can one of the news magazines put it on their cover to publicize it? Would people care then?
    I think the problem is that people ASSUME that they know what is in it. Then they think, I am not a bad guy, so it doesn’t apply to me so who cares? The same thing is happening in Britain where they have many and even worse measures which are a lot easier to pass over there.
    I think little by little we have been VOLUNTEERING away our civil rights. When I got to work and the security guys want to search my bag or pat me down (and they search every car before it inters the garage) because I forgot my ID, I think nothing of it. It’s voluntary, but there are so many small invasions of privacy that we give up for safety these days. It’s so common you don’t realize it.
    Meanwhile, the FBI couldn’t obtain search warrents for Atta and Co from a Fed judge in the months before 9/11 since they didn’t have enough evidence to warrent one.
    I think this needs to be debated and brought out to the forefront. The only thing that makes me feel a little better is that I don’t think any of this is going to pass the Supreme Court.

  • I don’t know – I think people are freaking without knowing what they’re freaking about.
    I am charged with complying with the Patriot Act, and let me assure you that innocent civilians have nothing to fear. Law enfrocement does not have enough time or resources to even go after terrorists, let alone innocent civilians, so I am puzzled by protests by law-abiding civilians. I have not seen a case yet where people’s rights are actually violated and those people are innocent of the crime of mass murder…