: Every day since March, I checked Salam Pax’s Baghdad blog. I’ll bet you did, too. It was like having a missing relative, except you didn’t appear on the Today Show to talk about it every day. Most times, there’s an unhappy ending to that story. But now, it appears, we have our happy ending:

Salam Pax is back.

I was out in New York after a meeting, checking my email (Mobile Man!) and I got excited messages from Aaron Brown, Howard Sherman, and others announcing that Salam Pax is back.

Damn good news.

He wrote a helluva lot during the war and after. I’m just starting to read it. But like the messengers who brought me the news, I want to bring it to you:

Salam Pax is back.

And he says:

Let me tell you one thing first. War sucks big time. Don

  • wyclif

    Or we could get him an SMS-enabled phone. A pain for him, but better than nothing.

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    Just posted an entry on this:
    Maybe it will give someone a creative idea or potentially fertile contact.
    The Eclectic Chapbook

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    Jeff, I downloaded his catch-up posts to a floppy and started reading them while it was raining here. It seems that Salam already has a satellite phone, so he shouldn’t have any problems anymore posting to his blog. In the introduction Diane said she called him on his sat phone. So the situation is resolved, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there is any need to intervene at this point, since he’s back on his feet now.

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    Jeff: I made a cursory comparison between his entries posted on Blogspot and his entries posted on Command Post at
    and I seemed to find a significant discrepancy. There is an entry on the Command Post version on 26/4 that is about a reporter named Burns which I didn’t notice in my floppy copied from Blogspot. Now I am not confident that the text is authentic at all. How else has it been changed? Or could it have been written by his “cousin” or someone else?
    As a journalist yourself, you should be aware of something like this. I feel troubled by this. In general, now that he’s back– if it is Salam Pax– I’d like to separate myself from this situation.