: I’m working away on my concept for a World Trade Center memorial. Not ready to talk about it (and not sure that I can, since the official rules make anonymity a requirement). I will be asking for help later.

Meanwhile, blogger Greg Allen has also decided to enter the competition and also to hold a small — not sure what the right word is: seminar, atelier, klatch — among other people who are working in memorial designs.

He also admits to some skepticism about the process and the democratization of design and I see his point.

But the Vietnam Veterans Memorial — once controversial, now hailed universally — came from someone who wasn’t an architect yet (and she’s now on the jury for this competition). What she had was an idea, a concept.

I think this memorial commission is sincere in wanting a concept that is new and unique; they want to break molds. That’s why they have opened it up to all; that is why they have emphasized anonymity.

I’m very excited about my concept. I’m excited about looking at the others. I do believe that this event so touched our souls and psyches that something strong and new will come out of this.