The Howard Stern tivo

The Howard Stern tivo
: At last, somebody invented just the gadget I’ve asked for: a radio Tivo so I can record the shows I miss because I have to do something silly, like work. I’ll record Howard Stern and Kurt Andersen’s Studio 360. Gizmodo reports.

  • Sarah


  • Picked up something similar at Fry’s a few weeks ago – it is like a Tivo for your computer (it grabs TV channels) and it can grab radio stations too. Pretty cool, when it decides to work right. If you need brand info & specifics, let me know – I think it was about $80. Pretty sweet!

  • They already have this. Its called a tape recorder with a built in radio. Duh!

  • driven to drink

    A timesaving hint: record one Howard Stern show then play it over and over, because if you’ve heard one Howard Stern show, you’ve heard every Howard Stern show ever done.