A gadget too far

A gadget too far
: Today, sitting home (because my kids’ school schedules its parent-teacher conferences as inconveniently as possible, smack dab in the middle of the day) I’ve seen commecials for two new direct-to-garage-sale gadgets from Black & Decker. There’s a gigantic contraption that just opens jars. (Yes, I know, if you have arthritis, it’s welcome. But otherwise, it’s an indication of the progressive weakening of American arms.) The other takes store-bought ice cream and smooshes it. That’s it: It’s a smoosher. When I was a kid, we had to smoosh our own ice cream, damnit. What kind of generation are we raising here?

  • Wow, I guess the days of just running the jar under under some hot water are gone. Apparently that’s too hard for people these days to manage.

  • ernie

    Yeah, well when I was growing up I had to walk 50 miles in a blinding snowstorm barefoot just to get to the store, then at the store I had to beg for the money to buy the jar, which I could never open because back in my day we didn’t have hot water….

  • Catherine

    What next? A gadget to stop you from getting painful ice-cream head? Pizza burn? Sheesh! My nephews put ice-cream in the microwave first. Wimps…I still eat it straight up. None of these fruity or gourmet flavors either, just the classics.
    I remember the days when they came out with practical products like the salad shooter. Now THERE is an invention!

  • Actually, machine-tightened anything can be hard for human arms and hands to open.