: The human Brit bomb who blew himself up in Israel worked at Heathrow for two years, says the Sun.

: Meanwhile, in Jordan, an idiot Japanese reporter’s war souvenir turned out to be a bomb that exploded in the hands of an airport official, killing the man.

Imagine if it had gone off on the plane in flight.

: Update: Witnesses now say the airport official was the one with the grenade that exploded.

  • For those of you who read Japanese, Yomiuri On-line — the online version of The Yomiuri Shimbun — is running the storing on:
    The English-language version will be carried in The Daily Yomiuri in tomorrow’s (Saturday, May 3, Japan Time,) edition.
    As a journalist with the English-language arm of a Japanese daily, and a former EOD team member myself, I cringe.

  • New news from Sina Motalebi in Take One …

  • Brant

    Genius knows no bounds in that part of the world, eh?
    The guy was playing with the pin while talking on his cell phone?
    And what the hell does an airport security guard need a grenade for in the first place?