If democracy could spread like SARS

If democracy could spread like SARS
: A secular, pro-democracy activist in Iran issues a statement that hints at asking for outside (read: American) help there:

We invite non-governmental reformists, constitutional monarchists, religious-nationalists, socialists and all freedom lovers who understand the necessity of unity, to join us in the only alternative for liberty without bloodshed. Otherwise the oppressed people of Iran might seek other ways to escape cruelty, corruption, injustice and poverty and ask foreigners for freedom — like in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • That is the exact problem with Hashem Tabarzadi’s statement as well as his general views. Some see his mission as one paving the road for an invasion scenario. Thankfully his “Iran Democratic Front” has little following, unless you talk to the LA based Reza Pahlavi crowd. Iranians are well capable of solving their own problems and if the United States wishes to help, in a democratic and unbiased way it should fund and support ALL groups that struggle for a democratic Iran, instead of pushing one that is headed by the son of their former puppet Shah.

  • Dara

    Tabarzadi has mentioned a few facts. I respect him because of his persistance and sympathize with him because of the pain he suffered in prison. But I don’t think Iranians are asking foreigners for freedom. It’s true that the regime rulling us is not democratic and people are not happy with it. But we should remember that (1) just 6 years ago in a ‘democratic’ battle we (people) conquered 2/3 (two-third) of the government (presidency & parlement) without any foreign help, exactly during the time when the conservatives had maximum power and dominance over everything, and there was NO single help from outside. Of course the conservatives will fight back in order to keep the remaining 1/3 of the government (judiciary) for themselves, and will definitely try to get back their lost power. I totally agree with unity of all democratic group, but I have never felt so desparate to ask someone else (US/Russia/China/UK) to invade Iran and free me and my family.
    I expect other ‘caring’ countries to understand what’s going on inside Iran, respect what we’ve achieved so far and help us intelligently.
    Moreover I don’t recall any cry for help from inside Iraq or Afghanistan for an American invasion; while I agree both Taliban and Saddam were evil.

  • Dear sir,
    I would like to ensure you it will never happen in Iran like Afghanestan or Iraq according to the civilized Iranian people.
    Their major problem is that they fell in a hell by their own mistake and they have to solve it themselves. Any other friendly true help is welcome too but if you know the men who are governing in our country, you will certify that a bloody fight is very much possible also to fade them or using a very fine strategy to have a reform.
    By the way thanks to support Iranian weblog in your pages.
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  • Read my summary of James Woolsey’s doctrine which is dictating what is going to happen with Iran as well, after Iraq and Afghanistan (http://101days.blogspot.com).
    Iran would never be invaded by coalition forces of any kind. It would be a huge misstake or as Woolsey put it into words: “We can’t necessarily count on revolution soon in Iran but nothing would be stupider than to move militarily and drive everyone into the arms of the fanatics”.
    All the Best,