: Robert J. Lieber in The Chronicle of Higher Education does a great job of exposing, summarizing, and puncturing the conspiracy theories of the when-did-they-become-anti-Semitic-left regarding the supposed neocon cabal running the U.S. with ambitions to run the world:

A small band of neoconservative (read, Jewish) defense intellectuals, led by the “mastermind,” Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz (according to Michael Lind, writing in the New Statesman), has taken advantage of 9/11 to put their ideas over on an ignorant, inexperienced, and “easily manipulated” president (Eric Alterman in The Nation), his “elderly figurehead” Defense Secretary (as Lind put it), and the “dutiful servant of power” who is our secretary of state (Edward Said, London Review of Books).

Thus empowered, this neoconservative conspiracy, “a product of the influential Jewish-American faction of the Trotskyist movement of the ’30s and ’40s” (Lind), with its own “fanatic” and “totalitarian morality” (William Pfaff, International Herald Tribune) has fomented war with Iraq — not in the interest of the United States, but in the service of Israel’s Likud government (Patrick J. Buchanan and Alterman).

This sinister mythology is worthy of the Iraqi information minister…

[via Die Zeit]