The arrest of Sina Motallebi, Day 8

The arrest of Sina Motallebi, Day 8
: Hoder has an update on the arrest of the Iranian blogger — a post that demonstrates the great complexity of life and politics in Iran.

Sina said to Iranian Students News Aganecy (ISNA) he was hopeful that the court was going to accept his explanations and even woudn’t take him to the court. He was worried that some people’s support, might make new problems and new questions for him in the interogation process. He sounded confident and calm, but as I said, worried. He talked to ISNA while he appeared in a court in Mehrabad Airport (!) for the first time after a week of being in costudy.

This is what makes it complicated in Iran, nobody really knows if his/her support would help the detainee or hurt him/her more.

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