Rebirth: Iraq v. Japan

Rebirth: Iraq v. Japan
: Astigma, a Persian blog, sees parallels between Japan post WWII and Iraq post Gulf II. Japan developed technological prowess fast not by reinventing wheels but by reverse engineering existing technology. So, says Astigma, should Iraq reverse engineer democracy elsewhere in the world to succeed quickly. That is exactly the kind of help we need to give Iraq. To use another modern bizbuzzword, we need to implement best practices.

  • I agreee that Japan is a good model for Iraq, at least in a broad sense. The only thing that concerns me vis-a-vis Iraw is that we will get in too much of a hurry to get out. We need to stay as long as it takes.
    The other problem is that Iraq has substantial internal cleavages (religious, ethnic, geographic), while Japan was (and is) homogeneous.

  • Pyecraft

    And Japan didn’t have any lunatic clerics ordering the stoning to death of any potential modern practitioners. But, maybe by terming it “reverse technology”, they’ll let it come to pass.