Sina Motallebi update: Day 4

Sina Motallebi update: Day 4
: Hoder gives us an update on the arrest of an Iranian blogger. Other Iranian bloggers are, understandably, scared.

: I pick out an Iranian weblog at random from Hoder’s blogroll and here’s what I read:

Apparently the fall of the dictator has had a big impact on Iranian Islamic regime. Those who are in control who possess non-elected power have already felt something.

Recently, a lot of web sites have been banned by a direct instruction from Iranian ministry of telecom. This list includes hadisara, home page of satirist Hadi Khorsandi. Also an entertainment web site called roozi.

But most amazing of them all, is nedstat, which is a hit counter I am using….

I’ve been trying to stay out of trouble; Stay away from politics. But this one [that is, the arrest of Sina Motallebi -ed.] has nothing to do with politics. It’s just jeopardizing my freedom of expression. Arresting this guy just because he expresses his ideas in his weblog is not reasonable in a modern world.

This stupid act will lead to anonymous weblogs (like mine) which are much harder to control.

: And this:

No pain no gain? So tell me how many thousand years we’re to suffer before we can finally gain our Democracy? …

What factors gave rise to the cold war between the Mullahs and Iranian Journalists?

There are at least twenty million people who have similar views as these journalists!

How many more Iranians will end up in the oppressive Iranian regime’s prisons?

: And read this, too — the target is the Internet:

Arrest of Sina Motallebi isn