Liberal New York no longer

Liberal New York no longer
: New York was supposed to be the capital of the left but now the NY Observer declares our Apple the capital of neoconservatives. The story gives us a map to NY Neos — ground zero being, of course, Rupert Murdoch’s HQ on Sixth Avenue. It gives us Neo history. And it give us Neo humor:

“I have been amazed by the level of conspiracy-mongering around neocons,” said David Brooks, an editor at Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Kristol

  • Jimmy

    I wouldn’t pass that torch just yet. I think New York is becomming much more representative, which is always good. By the way, I get so tired of this Jew/neocon crap. It seems the only people who bring up the whole Jewish/neocon “conspiracy” are the neocons themselves. Everytime someone criticizes a neocon policy it’s suddenly considered anti-Jew and seems to be taking the place of the so-called liberal media their new crutch. We all know their are anti-Jewish feelings among people — some of them are even in the conservative movement! — but that does not mean every criticism is meant that way.

  • All this diversion is wearying. Anything seems to fly.
    I have before promulgated, and been believed, the following (abridged) tale:
    That the entire conspiracy is financed and controlled by a single family who, through nested corporate shells, are the actual sole owners of the McDonalds empire.
    The Burgerbuilders, who else?

  • If you want to blame someone for the NeoCon/Jewish axis, remember that the people who first brought it up were people on the far right in the Buchanan corners, and the people on the far left Chomsky/Zogby camp.
    “Neocon” is also a suspicous work, because it was first used to describe a movement of the 1970s wherein a number of left-liberal Democrats, who were disproportionately Jewish, walked away from the Left. But now it’s being used, in a very sinister way, to describe people like Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, who’ve been conservatives all their lives and aren’t “neo” anything.
    Given the way the term is used as an epithet, and in a conspiratorial way, it’s hard for some people not to get at least a little suspicious.