Sina Motallebi update

Sina Motallebi update
: MSNBC’s Will Femia has a roundup on Iranian blogger Motallebi’s arrest.

Will links to a post on Blogalization complaining that bloggers have not spread this meme as aggressively as we should.

And there are links to the arrest of a Tunisian blogger in jail because of what he said online. The full story here.

There’s a warning in all this: When journalists who work for big-time publications get arrested because of what they dare to say, they still have the power or at least threat of an organization and its printing presses behind them. When a lone blogger gets arrested because of what he dares to say, he has no one but his family … and us.

: New: Mark Glaser reports on the arrest and bloggers’ support for Motallebi at OJR.