: Don’t believe that every Iraqi Muslim is like the crawling, self-flagellating, scalp-slicing pilgrims we’ve seen on TV this week (just as you shouldn’t believe that every American Christian is Jerry Falwell).

Ibidem points us to a report by Rosie Dimanno in the Toronto Star on booze and cigarettes flowing onto the streets of Baghdad:

Two weeks ago, American troops eagerly traded their MREs

  • K

    If anybody could track down booze and smokes in a Muslim country, it’s Rosie D.

  • Does anyone think that New Yorkers might be a tad bit jealous of the freedoms that the Iraqi’s flaunt in the face of their brand of fundamentalist leaders?

  • Pyecraft

    Yeah, ain’t that rich? For some real fun, can’t we blog for a smoking ban there? And no drunken street dancing, shouting, screaming, loaded rifles, drawn swords, and breaking glass over your own forehead.
    If there was any women around, how could you resist an invite to the party.

  • Buddy

    I hope and pray that the poor, beat-down miserable wretches can find themselves a little temporary relief, any way they can get it, artificial or otherwise.

  • Theresa

    While stationed in turkey I witnessed first hand the hypocrisy practiced by muslim men. Whenever we had a function in our unit, if the food was free, turks would gather like flies, regardless of what was being served, i.e., hot dogs, pepperoni pizza, etc. But, when payment was required, we were all reminded that they were muslim. I also have heard from friends stationed in bahrain, that the saudi’s are the biggest hypocrites. When they get there the turn into drunk, womanizing animals. The bahrain police allow the non-national cops (pakistani’s, indians, African’s) to arrest them, as they don’t want to offend their neighbors. Pious and devote my ass. Human beings are all the same no matter where you go. They just use their religion as an excuse for their violence and intolerance just as the Christians did in the past. I hope the Iraqi’s can put their religion in perspective and strive for a more open and tolerant society than those of their neighbors. God Bless America, our troops, and Mr. Bush.

  • diana

    Some of this is human nature asserting itself. That’s good. But most of it is “psalm-singing sonofabitch” hypocrisy. The description of Thai and Filipina bar-girls as a form of freedom made me shudder. This is freedom? It’s sickening.
    Also, ironically, the poet referred to in the article, Abu Nuwas, was openly homosexual. But alas, he was also a tremendous misogynist. One of his most famous collections of poems was entitled, “A Boy is Worth More than a Girl.”