On radio, nobody needs to know you’re naked

On radio, nobody needs to know you’re naked
: Anne Gerrels, NPR’s brave correspondent, is back from Baghdad with tales of war:

From her hotel in Baghdad, Garrels used a smuggled satellite phone to file her reports in the dark of night, a measure designed to elude ever-watchful Iraqi security officials.

“I decided that it would be very smart if I broadcast naked,” Garrels recounts. “If, God forbid, the secret police were coming through the rooms, that would give me maybe five minutes to answer the door, pretend I’d been asleep, sort of go ‘I don’t have any clothes on,’ and give me maybe a few seconds, minutes, to hide the phone.”

  • excellant
    i do my best work naked

  • Brant

    I’m trying not to imagine a NPR reporter naked. But I dunno’. Is Garrels attractive?

  • Brant

    Well, she’s no prize, but it’s not as bad as I had imagined: http://www.npr.org/display_pages/features/feature_1240401.html

  • Pyecraft

    Nice to know Saddam’s secret police were so considerate when out on a midnight spy hunt.
    Or was she really reporting from Manhatten?