: The Catholic archbishop of Baghdad‘s view of Iraq’s future:

Archbishop Sleiman said it is wrong to try to impose democracy through force on a people who do not yet fully understand democratic concepts, including the proper relationship between religion and government.

What a hock of hooey. What would he prefer? Tyranny? Theocracy? Anarchy? [via Ibidem]

  • Ah. The old “They aren’t ready for democracy because they are a bunch of savages” angle. Hard to respond to that without resorting to unsightly profanity.
    And I would love to see what the archbishop thinks is “the proper relationship between religion and government.”

  • Paternalism, racism and hypocrisy: a hat-trick!

  • neil

    It sounds as though he’s trying to avoid theocracy, as he believes that Iraqis will elect religious leaders to their political leadership, having not learned to distinguish between the two.
    Not that we can blame him; he’s just gotten to witness, first-hand, the effect of a juvenile democracy who elects a leader based not on his policy or qualifications, but on his perceived likeability.

  • Any Roman Catholic cleric making a statement like that is being a total hypocrite!

  • Pyecraft

    Just fulfilling his job description, Momma. For the sake of his smaller flock, you may pray he stays busy enough to miss the choir practices.