: I’m watching Madonna on MTV right now and I’m struck not by the pretentious celeb slather, not by the mediocre music, not by the religion for idiots, not even by the self-centered ego of it all. I’m struck by her age: She’s old enough to be the mother to everyone in her audience — the slutty divorced mom from down the street.

  • yet you still watch.

  • Citizen Keith

    It’s so easy to call Madonna a slut. But I think the last word you’d use to describe Madonna is “easy.” The woman controls her career. No matter what your opinion of her music or her marketing strategies, remember that you need to seperate the image from the person. Her work is always intended to challenge what is considered proper in our culture. Until recently, when she pulled her video for “American Life,” she’s never backed off.

  • Jack Tanner

    I watched for about 2 minutes and the songs suck. I laughed because they must have had the studio audience in to rehearse the lyrics so they could pretend to sing along. Something about not going broke underestimating the intelligence… I don’t know something like that.

  • Travis

    Nothing wrong with a slutty divorced mom down the street.
    Anyway, Citizen Keith, Madonna’s work isn’t about challenging what is considered proper in ourrculture. That’s how she positions herself but it’s a lot of gas. She’s a performer who has successfully kept people interested in her over many years – which is definitely quite an achievement. But let’s not confuse those skills with actually having something to say.

  • Rachel

    George Jones has kept people interested in him over a long period of time becasue he’s an artist. That’s the difference between a real musician and Madge. I wish she’d just find something else to do and do it quietly.

  • Dark Avenger

    She needs public attention, because she doesn’t exist if no one is looking at her.

  • People age–so what? The fact that Madonna has been able to capture audiences of several age groups and continues to gain popularity with younger people only shows her business sense. Speaking of which, I find it extremely interesting that people have jumped aboard the, “Bash Madonna” bandwagon because she chose a very intelligent move when she changed her video. This woman is not stupid! It’s not what you expect of Madonna? Haven’t we all learned by now that you can never guess what “The Material Girl” will do next? Call her what you will but she has always been just a step ahead and seems to know what people want and what people will buy-the fact she’s been successful all these years cannot be argued whether you like her music/videos or not.
    There are many companies out there with questionable business ethics–at least Madonna was smart enough to realize when too far was too far.

  • neil

    You people are totally overthinking this. Madonna publically opposed the war. Therefore, she is a slut. I mean, come on, it’s right there in front of you!

  • Myles


  • Rachel Cohen

    Serenity–does your mom know you’re still up?

  • Pyecraft

    Travis is correct here, and I am deeply disturbed on behalf of all slutty divorced moms from down streets everwhere.
    George Jones doesn’t qualify Rachel, because he only reached his peak once a curious public learned of his living out the back seat of a car, and had evolved into speaking like a duck.
    That’s a talent I grant you, but if he’s an artist, then slutty moms are like beautiful little Picassos. God bless ’em all.

  • Rachel-
    1) Wow, what a zinger.
    2) I’m probably old enough to be your mom.
    3) Hush—get back to your homework.

  • Old wKen

    Whether Madonna is old or not is relative to your own age. The older you get, the older “old” becomes. Unfortunately, getting old happens way too fast, and nobody escapes it without dying first. Saying bad things about people because they are “old” is like spitting into the wind. It’s gonna come back to hit you right in the face before you know it.