It’s turn off pretentious bores week

It’s turn off pretentious bores week
: Here are people I hate:

1. Open-mouthed chewers. I don’t need to hear you digest.

2. People who say they watch only PBS. Snobs.

3. The people behind TV Turnoff Week. So we should teach our children to turn off a source of news, information, drama, comedy, humanity, entertainment; that’s a fine lesson. Would you be offended if I suggested Shut the Books week? I’ll bet you would. But there’s just as much crap on bookshelves as on airwaves (take a look at the best-seller section and then argue with me). This is just censorship by mob: Instead of destroying the art, we try to intimidate the audience. This is patronizing, anti-populist, anti-democratic, show-off crap.

4. People who don’t wear deodorant in the summer.

5. Jacques Chirac.