Another mail attack?

Another mail attack?
: FoxNews is reporting that mail with a white powder found in the Tacoma post office has tested positive for a biotoxin. These preliminary tests are always less reliable. I’m finding nothing online about this yet.

: Here’s a story from KOMO.

Workers arrived for the graveyard shift at about 1 a.m. when a few discovered two envelopes with powder inside. A witness told KOMO 4 News that one envelope was addressed to a state government employee, the other to someone in Sequim.

Fox is showing National Guard soldiers there with special tents used for testing.

: I will say that I’m impressed (and comforted) seeing the quick response with fancy equipment.

: The Dept. of Homeland Security says preliminary tests — insert standing caveat emphasizing preliminary — indicate the presence of plague or botulism, says Fox.

: The latest update: Homeland Security says no biotoxins. Nevermind.

  • From the Seattle Times:

    The National Guard?s 10th Civil Support Team was called in from nearby Camp Murray about 4:15 a.m. The unit consists of 22 members and has equipment that can identify hundreds of chemical, biological and nuclear hazards, said Maj. Gen. Timothy Lowenburg, commander of the Washington National Guard and the state?s top homeland security official.

  • Department of Homeland (IN)Security ? now saying No Toxins!

  • Tommy

    Updated story on KOMO website quotes an unnamed fed source who says that powder has tested negative for biotoxins.