Another mail attack?

Another mail attack?
: FoxNews is reporting that mail with a white powder found in the Tacoma post office has tested positive for a biotoxin. These preliminary tests are always less reliable. I’m finding nothing online about this yet.

: Here’s a story from KOMO.

Workers arrived for the graveyard shift at about 1 a.m. when a few discovered two envelopes with powder inside. A witness told KOMO 4 News that one envelope was addressed to a state government employee, the other to someone in Sequim.

Fox is showing National Guard soldiers there with special tents used for testing.

: I will say that I’m impressed (and comforted) seeing the quick response with fancy equipment.

: The Dept. of Homeland Security says preliminary tests — insert standing caveat emphasizing preliminary — indicate the presence of plague or botulism, says Fox.

: The latest update: Homeland Security says no biotoxins. Nevermind.