Who’s for what?

Who’s for what?
: The Guardian says the BBC is pro-war. If you try to parse that sentence, you will go insane.

  • button

    “T.M.I.” (Too Much Information!)
    Too much mandarin navel-gazing.

  • enloop

    I wonder why BBC has this apparent compulsion to go beating the bushes in order to “balance” their coverage of the war, or any other activity.
    Would they try to lend balance to a report on the plague by seeking out a pro-plague spokesperson?

  • Plaque as a bad liek WAR

  • rem0tly

    forget the BBC & the Guardian [ignore the Independant]
    For Brit news read the Telegraph
    MP Galloway on Saddams payroll!
    Russian & German spying for Saddam against the US
    Nothing in the US news about this, they are all off on the Peterson murder.

  • stevy

    Attaboy Puce, keep those cryptoquotes coming!

  • Balbulican

    Puce’s posting is, if you decipher it, an anagram for “A pall bear, a squaw dike”…obviously a bitter comment on the demise of Aboriginal lesbians at the hands of an unfeeling government. Too true, my brother.

  • Since one must be insane to be a Grauniad reader, parsing any of their sentences will not be a bother.

  • Pyecraft

    Momma, say what?

  • Danjo

    Dearest Balbulican;
    Damn, now I know why my favorite Aborigine lesbo website has been down. I have been forced to my Eskimo Sex in Igloos sites. It’s tough being a native porn addict.
    Strange mood today

  • balbulican

    That’s what Mooosehead will do to you, bud. Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.

  • neil

    What? A state-run media source which comes out in favor of a war which its state supports? That’s unthinkable!
    Anyone who listens to BBC World Service knows that Iraq has been in their headlines every hour of every day for the last 8 months.