Ungrateful louses

Ungrateful louses
: For the first time in years, Muslims in Iraq were able to go to Friday prayers in public.

And did their imams take just a moment to thank Allah, if not the U.S. for this new religious freedom and their escape from tyranny?

Not according to this report. Instead, they railed against both the U.S. occupation — and democracy.

That, of course, is because these religious dictators would like to take over.

Fartusi urged the faithful to follow the dictates of the Shiite “Hawza,” the council of senior clergymen, and spelled out a code of conduct including a ban on music, mandatory veils for women and the primacy of Islamic over tribal law.

The cleric at one of Shiite Islam’s holiest shrines in the city of Karbala south-west of here was more explicit in denouncing the presence of US troops he called “unbelievers.”

It is time for us infidel Westerners — religious leaders and the leaders of the U.N., France, Germany, and all their fellow travelers — to demand democracy for Iraq, to make it clear that we cannot trade a secular dictatorship for a religious dictatorship.